Episode 20

Follow Me @: "FromAbove" (John 8:21-30)


14 July 2019

21 mins 44 secs

Season 5

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About this Episode

“Where are you from?” – It’s not an uncommon question, even if you are just trying to make small talk or are actually curious to know the background of a person. It seems simple enough, but Jesus’ answer to the question is not so simple.

In our scripture today, Jesus tries to tell a group of people where he is from, but they have a hard time understanding his answer. In fact, his explanation just leads to another, more pointed question, “Who are you?” If we look closely, we will see that when Jesus says that he is “from above” it also tells much about who he is.

I’m glad you are part of the Roswell Presbyterian Church faith family and have joined us on this quest to know and follow Jesus, today and forevermore.