Episode 23

Follow Me @: "King" (John 18:28-38a)


4 August 2019

25 mins 40 secs

Season 5

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About this Episode

Good morning! Today we conclude our sermon series, Follow Me. We have journeyed through the Gospel of John and focused on the various "I am" statements that Jesus makes to describe himself. The interesting thing about our passage this morning is that while Jesus makes very clear that he is the king, it is not one of the "I am" statements. Jesus does not directly say "I am the King."

Also in our passage this morning, Jesus explains that he is not king in the way we typically think of a king. He continues to insist that his kingdom is not of this world. What does Jesus mean by that anyway? And why wouldn't Jesus just come out and call himself king?

We will think through those things this morning as we study God's Word together!