Episode 28

Teach Us to Pray: "Sweat the Small Stuff" (Matthew 6:9-13)


8 September 2019

15 mins 11 secs

Season 6

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About this Episode

When Jesus introduces “The Lord’s Prayer” to his disciples, he actually tells them to “pray to your Father who is in secret.” So how is it that this private, secretive prayer became so public? Maybe our first hint is in the way Jesus lays out the phrases: “Our Father..., give us..., forgive us..., lead us..., deliver us...” Establishing this model prayer with words that bring us together was a brilliant move on Jesus’ part!

As we celebrate “The Lord’s Supper,” it is our custom to say to one another when passing the bread, “the body of Christ.” Hearing that before we eat the bread is a personal reminder of Jesus’ physical sacrifice for us. It is also a good opportunity to look beyond ourselves and remember that “the body of Christ” is present in the world today through you and me, the community of faith.

It has been a true honor to serve this community of faith, the Roswell Presbyterian Church, for the past eight years as one of your pastors. I am forever changed because of seeing God work in and through you both locally and globally. I believe with all of my heart that the best is yet to come for this body of Christ!