Episode 6

The Outsiders: “Broken/Forgiven” (Matthew 9:2-8)


10 March 2019

21 mins 5 secs

Season 2

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About this Episode

Today marks the first Sunday during the season of Lent. We experienced the imposition of ashes together this past Wednesday, and today we embark upon what for most of us is a familiar, yet ever so difficult journey toward the cross. In in, we are called to acknowledge and confront our own sin and mortality. We trust in God’s authority and victory over sin in Jesus Christ.

Though our worship, our Community Groups, our Bible studies, and our individual reflections, we have the opportunity to remember, reflect, and be renewed toward our own acceptance of God’s forgiveness. Today, we look at a familiar story, and are faced again with God’s amazing answer to the human condition we call sin.