Episode 15

2nd Mile: "Sacrificing" (Daniel 3)


12 May 2019

21 mins

Season 4

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Special Guest

About this Episode

What a great start we had last week to our 2nd Mile for Mission Kick-off! Our guest speaker for the day, Shawn Duncan, shared many insights that will move RPC forward in healthier mission outreach, especially now, as we bring our gifts together to support our local and global mission partners. If you missed any of his presentations, go to https://www.roswellpres.org/serve.

Today, we will make connections with the message from a well-known Bible story and current situations of people we know through our mission partnerships. As we see in the ancient story and in today’s world, God is faithful to help us all go through “fiery” ordeals. Still, we have a responsibility to be ready to face challenges and join with our neighbors so all will experience life and peace.